This job was a journey into something we don`t know pretty much nothing about. That is coffee. Yeas, we know, you know everything about coffee, how can you be clueless about coffee, how can you not drink coffee and all that. Well, we just don`t, we don’t drink coffee, our moms do coffee, for us is just a warm drink coming from a generation that made us anxious and therefore coffee intolerants. So we don’t drink it, we just smell it, just like our 20 months old kid Rosa does.

One day we met this very positive and full of good energy and good vibes Dan, a 50+ years old guy who came to meet us on a two wheeler. We thought he was about our age. We were wrong, he was just in a very good shape. Dan was an air traffic controller who traveled a lot and wanted to give up to everything and just make his own coffee place. He had this infinite passion for coffee and that was all he was talking about. And we were like “Yes, ok, we understand, wow, great, hm, didn’t know that etc”. We figured out quickly that it was no point in trying to understand what he was saying about coffee and that our job was going to be about this guys passion and from that on everything was pretty clear to us.

He wanted everything, naming, branding, coffee bags for his coffees. Dan worked at the coffeeshop with a friend architect and we got around like a mini-crew to set everything up for Dan’s new business.

Dan suggested a funny direction and would have liked it named OCD (Obsessive Coffee Disorder). Unfortunately, as you guess, this one was already taken. We played letters and names and finally agreed on this local Romanian wordplay ”C-O FI” that has no meaning in English.

We created many indoor stuff for the coffeeshop and a packaging mechanism that Dan can simply modify and print every time he has a new coffee in his shop and that happens like every two days at max.

We are still friends with Dan, we go to C-O FI once in a while. He makes us his latest specialties. ”Do you like it?”. ”Yes, yes, its great”. We don’t notice any difference. But he knows it by now.