This brand is pretty much the passion of a chemist from a small town of Romania for cosmetics. This would be the one phrase description of probably our most long term and complex collaboration we had in the last two years. In this time we did a lot: naming, logo, packaging, copywriting and articles, stationaries, photo styling, social media content, online shop and even a fair props kit.

The creator of DEPLIN is Gabriela, a chemist who worked for many years in cosmetics. At some point she started to make her own creations, just for friends and friends of friends. She wanted to show to those close to her what she considered a good and natural quality product with amazing results for the skin, the body and the hair. In times when the public debate about cosmetics is divided either pro-science or pro-natural, Gabriela wanted to show that both are possible. That is the heart of DEPLIN.

Gabriela did not know anything about our job and we were almost clueless about cosmetics. We ended up understanding the influence of various types of glass on ingredients and now she does her own content for Instagram and she takes good care of her online shop all alone.
We are very grateful and happy for this project. We have to thank Gabriela for this opportunity, it was a very nice ride.