We knew Andreea Bădală for some years before she started Murmur. She is one of the most hard working, honest, multi-tasking and generous person we know, not only we have worked with. We dont want to mess her background up, she studied fashion and attended a lot of other courses and got many degrees in this area and worked for brands like Alexander McQueen.

When she came with this job proposal, Andreea had a pretty clear concept she wanted to develop. After some years of experience it was obvious for her that eroticism and playfulness were integrated in all her creations. She decided she wanted to make a brand that would put underwear and erotic references in clothing. It turns out she had a pretty good idea and put much talent and work in this since Murmur creations are now worn by Beyonce and Madonna.

But it was not ”Murmur” in the beginning. When Andreea came with this job she wanted this brand to be called ”Venus Flytrap”. At that time we played with this romanian word ”murmur” that has multiple meanings, it is not just a repetition of a linear hard to identify sound, it is also a whisper and a mood experience expression. We said that for us it seemed a quite complex name ”Venus Flytrap”: ”Maybe we think of something like ”murmur” or so!”, we said. ”Murmur” was just an example. Some days later Andreea called an said: ”Ok, I like it, it`s going to be <>”.

And from that on it started a long collaboration. We did identity, brand guidelines, we decided colors, business cards, clothing labels, brochures, catalogs for collections, newsletters, graphics for the website and whatever needed.

But „Murmur” it`s not over, whenever Andreea needs new elements and approaches, it’s our job. „Murmur” is a long time collaboration we are happy to be part of.